A 6- and 12-week Coaching Program is currently under development.
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  • As National Coach for ACTA, Suzy held many National, State and Club coaching clinics for members. Adults and juniors and World Champions to AA to C graders.
  • If you would like to see the members of your club progress their technical shooting skills and competition performance, then book a session at your club with Suzy. These days cover on range shooting and relevant classroom sessions.
  • A day on the range with licensed shooters (up to 18 shooters/day) starts from $2000 +GST
  • Travel and accommodation are additional. Travel Day costs are $500/day + GST.
  • Enquire for a quotation and what Suzy can offer your club.

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  • Suzy is one of the most experienced Try Shooting coaches in Australia having helped tens of thousands of people through their first shooting experience.
  • If you’re having a club open day or a try shooting day – Suzy is ideal to assist with your beginners. She can assist with planning and media promotion for the event day, and she can advise on how to retain new members after the open day.
  • A day on the range with try shooters (however many you can throw at her) $1500 + GST.
  • Travel and accommodation are additional. Travel Day costs are $500/day + GST
  • Suzy can provide firearms, shooting jackets, etc. for $500/day + GST and freight.
  • Enquire now for a quotation.

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Online coaching is available to assist those shooters who can’t get to a face-to-face coaching session… THESE are the next best thing.

How it Works:

Submit what you’re wanting to get reviewed in the session and what goals you’re trying to achieve along with video footage for analysis by Suzy. These are submitted in 15-minute units into your own designated private Dropbox folder. The 15-minute unit can be multiple files.

You and Suzy arrange a Zoom video session at a suitable time to work through your goals and the analysis of the video footage.


Suzy is currently developing the Hitting Targets Webinars which will be live soon. If you are interested in joining Webinar Sessions with Suzy please contact us.

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