Covid-19 Safety Plan & Policies


We are  registered with the NSW Government as a Covid Safe Business

We have a comprehensive Covid-19 Safety plan – which can be found through this link:

Hitting Targets – Covid-19 safety plan


Please note if you are feeling unwell or are currently awaiting results of a Covid-19 test we are happy to reschedule you to another day when you are cleared and well.


Do not attend if you are FEELING UNWELL or have FLU like symptoms particularly FEVER, COUGH, TIREDNESS, SORE THROAT etc.


Do not attend if you have been in contact with someone who has Covid-19 or is suspected of Covid-19, or if you have been to one of the areas identified by NSW Health as a likely location for Covid-19 transmission and also if you are awaiting Covid-19 testing results.


All persons attending must submit to a contactless temperature test to be able to participate. If your temperature is above 37.5oC we will ask you to reschedule … and probably take yourself to a Covid Testing clinic.


COVID RECORD keeping – all participants will be automatically recorded by the Police Declaration Forms – however ALL spectators will be asked for their name and mobile or email which will be kept for 28 days.

We are limited to the number of people at each layout.

Under Recommendations from the NSW Health Chief – people from regional areas are advised not to travel to Greater Sydney and spectators are asked to not attend events. HOWEVER 12-18 year olds MUST have a parent or court appointed legal guardian present.

eg. leave the kids and extra spectators at home please.



We will be disinfecting firearms between users using detergent and sanitiser/alcohol wipes AND disinfectant spray. This should be the only shared equipment during the sessions. If you are unhappy with this situation please let us now prior and maybe organise rescheduling for once Covid-19 alerts are over.


SOCIAL DISTANCING We will have enough seats/benches for all participants to remain socially distanced. Unfortunately Hitting Targets Staff cannot maintain social distancing since you have a firearm in our hands and you are unlicensed – we need to be close to render assistance and guide you. We however will aim to minimise contact the best we can.


WHAT YOU CAN BRING We will not be supplying water on range as usual. Bring your own. You can minimise use of our equipment by bringing your own sunglasses/safety glasses. You are welcome to wear a face mask and to bring your own hand sanitiser


We truly just ask you to try and be patient and try to be Covid Safe.




Hitting Targets – Privacy Policy – March 2021