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Firearms Usage and Legal Requirements In NSW you can participate in Hitting Targets activities if you hold a Firearms Licence or Minors Firearms Licence from an Australian State or Territory or a NSW Minors Firearms Permit or if you are authorised by a club or range official.


In October 2008, the NSW Firearms Laws were changed allowing unlicenced people (over 12 years of age) to shoot on approved ranges under the supervision of a licenced shooter, once they have completed a declaration form and been authorised by a club or range official. There are 2 reasons for this:
  • 1. To undergo firearms licence training
  • 2. To give the sport a try to see if it is what you would like to do.
Hitting Targets works as an 'instructor/supervisor' providing 'try shooting' on behalf of clubs and ranges. You are not required to have a firearms licence to participate in clay target shooting with Hitting Targets, however if unlicenced each participant must be approved on the day of the session by filling in the NSW Police Force – Firearms Registry Declaration Form (P650). The declaration is for approval to use a firearm on an approved shooting range declaring that the participant has always been mentally stable and over the past 10 years the participant has been of good behaviour. The participant MUST be able to answer NO to all the questions to be authorised to shoot.

P650 Police Declaration Questions

To be able to participate you MUST be able to answer “NO” to each of these questions. You will be signing a Police declaration stating this.
  • a) Been refused or prohibited from holding a firearms licence or permit or had a firearms licence or permit suspended, cancelled or revoked?
  • b) Been the subject of a Firearms Prohibition Order?
  • c) Within the last 10 years been convicted of an offence involving firearms, weapons, prohibited drugs, robbery, violence, terrorism or an offence of a sexual nature?
  • d) Within the last 10 years been the subject of a Family Law or Domestic Violence Order or an Apprehended Violence Order (other than an order that was revoked)?
  • e) Ever attempted suicide or self harm?
  • f) In the past 12 months been treated or referred for treatment for alcoholism, drug dependence or a mental illness within the meaning of the Mental Health Act 2007 or as a mentally disordered person within the meaning of that Act?
  • g) Currently subject to a Good Behaviour Bond?
  • h) Currently subject to an Interim Apprehended Violence Order?
  • i) Currently suffering from any mental illness or other disorder that may prevent you from using a firearm safely?

Firearms Usage and Legal Requirements

Minimum Age
The minimum age to shoot in NSW is 12 years. If the minor (12-18 years) does not have a NSW Firearms Minors Permit or equivalent form another State or Territory, they must have:

  • A parent or court appointed legal guardian must be present. They don’t have to shoot but need to be present throughout the session and need to sign the police declaration form.
  • The parent or court appointed legal guardian will need to show photo ID (Australian Driver’s licence (hard copy or Service NSW digital ID) or an Australian Photo ID Card or for internationals only a passport is accepted.
  • The actual parent or legal guardianship needs to be proven … easiest ways are Birth Certificate with minors’ name and parents name or a Medicare card with both names on it.
  • The minor must prove they are over 12 years old by producing one of the following forms of ID:
    • Passport
    • Driver’s licence/NSW photo ID card
    • Birth certificate and school photo ID card together
  • If the minor (12-18 years) has a Firearms Permit, they must:
    • Show their NSW Minors Firearms Permit and a form of Photo ID as well.
    • Show their Interstate Photo Card Minors Firearms Licence or Photo Card Minors Firearms Permit.
    • Have an adult present while participating on the range. The adult does not have to participate.
Photo ID
The rules around sighting photo ID are strict and must be followed. Please see accepted forms of ID below:
  • Photo ID must be shown on the day and remain on the person whilst at the shooting range.
  • NSW or interstate Driver’s Licences or NSW or interstate photo ID cards are accepted. Actual hard copy ID needs to be shown digital ID on the Service NSW app.
  • For international participants ONLY their passport is accepted – international driver’s licences will NOT be accepted.
  • For 12-18 years they still are required to have photo ID, they must be able to prove their age and identity, and this should be linked to a drivers licence or passport or both a birth certificate and school or other ID card together.
  • The parent/court appointed guardians must show their own photo ID.
  • For parents/court appointed guardians – they need to be able to prove their link with their minor (12-18years) either through birth certificate or Medicare card or court documents.
If you have an A category NSW Firearms Licence or from another State or Territory you are then able to participate in Hitting Targets activities. You will however need to fill in the top section of the NSW Police Force – Firearms Registry Declaration (P650 Form) and present your firearms licence to us – it is for our insurance purposes. Also, if you’re under our instruction and using our firearms we need to know who you are. A shoot with Hitting Targets is able to be used as an official range attendance. Please let us know and we will ensure you receive your attendance slip as proof of your attendance at the range towards your compulsory 4 visits each year to maintain a Firearms Licence for target shooting purposes.


Participation Rules
  • NO ALCOHOL AND/OR DRUGS! If you cannot operate a car, you certainly cannot operate a firearm.
  • Eye and Hearing protection must be worn at all times while on the range.
  • You must wear enclosed, comfortable shoes throughout your session.
  • Long hair must be tied back throughout your session.
  • Any behaviour that is deemed to be unacceptable by the Hitting Targets team will see you removed from the session and the range.
  • You must be able to answer NO to all questions on the P650 form or you will not be permitted to shoot.
  • If you are between the ages of 12-18 years you must have a parent or court appointed legal guardian with you and both of you must be able to show photo ID.
  • If your English is poor, you must have an interpreter with you in order to participate. The interpreter will be required to stay on the spectator side of the fence or if needed to be directly on hand will be required to complete and be approved on the P650 form as they will be “on range” giving instruction. They however do not have to participate.


Booking Information
Bookings are essential. You cannot just turn up at the range and expect to participate.
  • For private group events a deposit is required to confirm all bookings.
  • For public group sessions bookings via the Hitting Targets, Groupon, RedBalloon or Adrenaline sites prior to the session is required.
  • Balance of payments are required to be paid in full prior to the event.
  • Expired vouchers will NOT be accepted, and all vouchers will be verified prior to attending your session.
Prior to the event
  • Confirm numbers (this is a must as pricing changes may apply on the day)
  • Let us know if there is someone in the group who may need a smaller/lighter firearm (through size or injury)
  • For private groups confirm any catering requirements.
On the day
Once you arrive at the range, please go to the carpark on the grass adjacent to Layout 11, follow the Hitting Targets signs. Once you have parked, please head up to see the Hitting Targets crew and they will check you in for your session:
  • Sign in to NSW Government COVID register for Hitting Targets using the QR Code provided.
  • Complete the Shooting Centres sign in form for range attendance.
  • Complete NSW Police Force – Firearms Registry Declaration (P650) (approval for firearm usage at an approved range) using your full name and address on your photo ID.
  • Bring photo ID to the session (driver’s licence/passport). International visitors MUST bring their passport!
  • Pay any outstanding amount owed.
Once staff have checked your forms and ID, you will receive your wristband. *Please ensure you arrive at the venue 30mins prior to your shooting session and briefing start time to complete the sign in process.


Payment Information
For private group events upon request a quotation will be supplied.

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$500 deposit is required to secure a group booking. $1000 deposit is required to secure a group booking when catering is involved or for a corporate event. For Corporates, through prior arrangement the remaining amount can be invoiced for payment 7 days from the date of the event. For all other situations, the remaining amount is to be collected by the group’s organiser and paid at the start of the event or earlier. We have eftpos and credit card facilities. All credit card payments incur a 2% fee (this fee is to cover the credit card fee charged to us by the credit card companies and the eftpos device, staff administration and service fee from the bank – Cost of Acceptance). We accept the following payment options; Cash, EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard, and Direct Deposit.
Gift Vouchers
A Hitting Targets gift voucher requires pre-booking notification. Hitting Targets’ private group event vouchers, coaching vouchers and private vouchers are valid for 36 months from the date of purchase and public group session vouchers are valid for 36 months from the date of purchase. Vouchers are not redeemable for cash. Please check validity of your vouchers from third party sellers such as Groupon, Adrenaline, RedBalloon as when discounted their validity period may change.


Cancellations Information
  • Cancellations must be received in writing via email to
  • Private group events:
    • If the booking is cancelled 14 days or less from the session date the deposit will be forfeited to cover range fees and loss of other groups utilising the session time.
    • If the booking is cancelled prior to 14 days before the session a 20% handling fee will be subtracted, and the remaining deposit returned.
    • Rescheduling within 48 hours of the session incurs a rebooking fee of 20% of the total amount.
  • Public group sessions:
    • Cancellation within 48 hours of your session forfeits your voucher. Prior to 48 hours bookings can be postponed, rebooked, or cancelled if you have Covid, are awaiting a test, feel unwell or any other circumstances.
    • On the day no shows and late arrivals: participants will forfeit their experience, therefore not entitled to a refund or reschedule, however you can substitute your spot for another person who can meet the legislation requirement
People who turn up and fail the P650 declaration e.g. they do have a criminal record or are not mentally stable will forfeit the voucher/monies paid as we are unable to let them participate, we do ensure this is a condition at point of sale. Hitting Targets reserves the right to cancel an event for any reason, any time – examples have been 300mm of rain in 24 hours, Covid -19, 49oC heat, winds of around 50km+/hr, lightning strikes, hail etc. If this should happen, Hitting Targets will work with the clients to rebook at a future date or if this cannot be done refund the deposit or voucher value. If the voucher purchased through a 3rd party e.g. RedBalloon, Groupon, Adrenaline refunds for these need to be sought through the 3rd party provider directly.

Other Important Information

Range and Targets
A special, exclusive range is set up to ensure maximum fun and variety. Targets may include incomers, crossers, outgoers, towers, teals and battues all shot from safety frames (singles, pairs). Targets will be set to cater for all ability levels. Disciplines usually covered include Sporting Clays, Skeet, DTL and from time-to-time ISSF Skeet and ISSF Trap.
Public Liability insurance is provided, which covers all participants and spectators.


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