Frequently Asked Questions

What is the dress code?

You should wear comfortable enclosed shoes, a T shirt & shorts or pants. Sleeves are recommended as it helps with pinching from the firearm.

Dress for the weather as we are outdoors e.g., if it’s raining wear wet weather gear and wet weather shoes, if it is cold wear lots of warm layers, if it is hot wear cool but respectful clothing.

Do not wear thongs, high heels, singlet tops, and no camouflage clothing! Try not to wear a bra with any clips or metal on the front of the shoulder, or long earrings or large necklaces.

Tie long hair back in a ponytail. Please also bring a hat and sunscreen.

Yes, you can come in fancy dress and yes, you can definitely dress the Buck or Hen up!! – Remember the range is a public and family venue and please try to be respectful. Ps. Gentleman, Suzy does not want to see your junk in/out/partially in/partially out of a mankini!

What happens when the weather is raining or too hot?

If it's raining, we will still go ahead. Dress for the outdoor conditions – Please wear a raincoat for wet conditions or if it is hot, please bring Sunscreen and a hat. If it is 45 degrees or hotter, we may postpone. We will pause our session if there is hail or lightning. If we postpone due to extreme conditions, we will give you adequate time to rebook a suitable session.

What if I have a Firearms licence or a minor’s permit?

Bring your licence along. The range sign in slip you receive can be utilised as a registered shoot. Show us your licence and fill out the top section of the P650 form for insurance purposes. A minor still needs to have a responsible adult in attendance throughout the session – we are not babysitters.

Can I bring my own shotgun?

Yes, you can – however a Hitting Targets staff member will deem whether it is suitable for this activity or not. It will also be kept with our firearms on the range rack where it can be supervised throughout the session. Do sign in at the shotgun range office as you are bringing a firearm on the range. We will however ask you register with Hitting Targets staff as well prior to your session.

How many targets will I get to shoot?

In a public Try Shooting session a person usually shoots at between 30-50 targets in a session. For private smaller group sessions, the average is usually higher. P.S. For beginners 30-40 targets is plenty!!

What is included in the Packages?

Everything you need is supplied - ammunition, targets, firearms, hearing and eye protection, safety frames, shooting jackets, range fees, insurance for shooters and spectators, temporary firearms use approval and temporary Shooting Club membership.

What if I am running late?

Don't be late as the safety briefing is important. If you are late, you will forfeit your session. Message us on 0418 417 943 as soon as you know you are going to be late, we may just be able to put you in a later session that day.

But basically, don’t be late - we are like Qantas if you miss your flight – you miss your shot.

What if I miss my session/need to postpone?

If you need to postpone you need to give us a minimum 24hours notice so that we can reschedule. If you miss your session because traffic is bad, you are hungover, you forget or can't be bothered to turn up your session will be void. But feel free to send someone to take your place if you cannot make it! Think of us like an airline, if you miss your flight, it’s bad luck as we wouldn't have had time to rebook someone else into that session.

If you are sick or need to isolate or to get tested due to Covid we will require a doctor’s certificate or NSW Health documentation to rebook your session.

How do I reschedule?

If you need to reschedule, please do so at least 48hours in advance so we can find a suitable alternative date. Email

Can spectators come along?

Spectators are welcome to come along but must sign in as a visitor. They will be expected to follow our range safety guidelines and any instructions provided by range officers or Hitting Targets staff. Spectators are not allowed on the firing ranges at any time.

Where can I leave my belongings while I shoot?

We do not provide a secure area for your belongings. Your shooting jacket does have pockets where you may store your wallet, keys, and phone. You may also park about 20 metres away and leave your belongings there otherwise bring a closed bag up to the range.

Can I bring my kids?

All children under the age of 18 at a shooting range need to be fully supervised at all times whether shooting or not. So, if you bring your children you will need to make sure someone comes to supervise them while you are shooting. If children are too disruptive or endangering themselves or others, they will be required to leave the venue.

Is there an age requirement?

Yes, in NSW, participants must be a minimum of 12 years old. Ages 12-18 must have a parent, or a court appointed legal guardian present throughout the session.

The parent/legal guardian will be required to sign the Police Declaration (P650) form and both the minors and parent/guardian must have a form of age/photo ID.

Can I bring any food to the session?

You are welcome to bring your own snacks. The club also has their own drinks and food available to purchase. There will also be cold water available on the range during the session free of charge.

Can I have catering on the range?

Hitting Targets can organise full catering for booked packages on the range. Packages start from $30 per person for the BBQ option. For more information on please refer to the extras details when booking the packages.

What if I or someone in my group has dietary requirements?

If catering has been added to your session as an upgrade package, please get in touch with Hitting Targets at and let us know if you or your group has any dietary requirements. We will endeavour to ensure the catering meets the needs of the group.

Can I participate if I have a disability?

We do our best to accommodate for people with a disability.

If you have a disability, are hearing impaired, or have certain injuries, please email prior to booking. We will review on a case-by-case basis depending on the individual’s needs and our resources at the time so please contact us so we can provide clarification.

Is there wheelchair access?

Sydney International Shooting Centre (our most commonly used range) is wheelchair friendly; we always endeavour to cater for all of our customers and the beauty of using an Olympic venue means that we are wheelchair friendly. There are easily accessible disabled bathrooms always available on site also. However, depending on the day, our distance from the restrooms might be further than on other days. We can advise you on this as the need arises. The actual firing range has uneven ground from concrete paths to grass.

Can I Participate if I don’t speak English?

If you cannot speak English, please email prior to booking.

We will review on a case-by-case basis depending on the individual’s needs and our resources at the time so please contact us so we can provide clarification.

If your English is poor, you must have an interpreter with you in order to participate. The interpreter will be required to stay on the spectator side of the fence or if needed to be directly on hand will be required to complete and be approved on the P650 form as they will be “on range” giving instruction. They however do not have to participate.

Can I take photos or videos?

We will endeavour to take closeup and action shots throughout the session however, you are welcome to take photos or videos from behind the fence. For safety reasons your glasses must still be worn. Spectators are not allowed on the firing range at any time including to take photos.

Where can I find the photos taken by staff during my session?

Our staff will endeavour to take images of each shooter as they are shooting as well as group photographs. The photos are then uploaded to our Google Photos Albums and can be found under Attendee Photo Links on our website. From time to time these will also be on our Hitting Targets Facebook page.

What if I wear glasses?

Yes, you can participate. Eye protection is compulsory. If you need your glasses on to see far distances, then please do wear your own glasses or you can choose to wear our provided safety glasses.


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